Roof Coatings extend the life of your roof up to 10-20 additional years.

Why Get A Roof Coating?

Roof Coatings extend the life of your roof up to 10-20 additional years. How? When you have your roof coated, the coating acts as a protective layer. Coating protects your roof from:

  • Debris
  • Leakage
  • Sun/Heat Damage
  • Water retention

Small debris and dust may need to be swept up after a new roof replacement.

Clean Up

It’s much nicer on your wallet, too! Keep reading to see how.

How Do I Prepare My Roof Before The Roof Coating Is Applied?

Simply clean all dirt, mold and mildew off. Power washers can get the job done, but be weary of the amount of pressure and angle. If your angle seems to look like the water could be blasting right under the shingle, then adjust to a more perpendicular angle.

What Does It Do?

Roof Coating protects the roof from abrasive debris, leaks, sun/heat damage, and water retention. It will also make your building highly reflective. The reflection will protect your building from UV rays. This is important because UV rays dry out roofs which leads to cracks. At that point, it’s only a matter of time before water gets into those cracks, increasing the size, and damaging the structure of your roof system. It’s best to seek roof coating as your preventative strategy against needing a new roof replacement.

How Do I Apply The Coats Myself?

Use a roller or a mechanical sprayer. No priming necessary. Just make sure your roof has been cleaned/washed. Don’t worry! The coating will appear as a bold, solid color at first. Easily recognizable if you need to step away to refresh yourself. You’ll always know where you left off. The solid color will dry clear after 4-6 hours.

APPLY ONE COAT… For silicone, you need only one coat. It will be fully cured in 6 hours.
APPLY ONE COAT… For silicone, you need only one coat. It will be fully cured in 6 hours.
The roof coating will be fully cured and looking sleek after 1 week!

I Just Got A New Roof Replacement, Should I Wait To Get A Roof Coating?

If you just got a roof replacement on your building, now is a great time to get your roof coated. Your roof has not been worn down or cracked yet. There’s no major leaks. Your roof will last much longer, around 10-20 more years with the coating.

In other words, think of the difference between applying sun block before you got a burn or after. If you apply before your skin starts burning, then you’ll be fully protected for X amount of time. But if you apply sun block AFTER you’re sunburnt, the burn is still under that layer of protection and may still sting in the sun.

When Should I Consider Getting A Roof Coating?

ASAP. The earlier you do your roof coating, the better. Roof coating is a great preventative measure to take. A new roof replacement is costly, so it’s best to think long term. A roof replacement typically lasts around 25 years. What if you could get an extra 10-20 years out of your roof for about 75% less than a roof replacement?

Some minor repairs may need to be made before your coating though.

If you have potential repair concerns, let us know your situation.

How Long Does A Roof Coating Last?

Up to 10-20 years.

Where’s My Guarantee?

What’s really different about Crown Roofing of Tampa, is yes, the coating has a 5-year warranty included with it. You also get a warranty from us. If you’re concerned your coating isn’t holding up, we will re-apply it ourselves.

It’s important to us that Crown Roofing of Tampa holds our reputation of over 16 years of success and happy customers. You can trust in us to make sure the very roof over your loyal customers’ heads (and yours!) are safe and secure. We’ve successfully rehabilitated 1,000+ properties in Tampa.

After reading these FAQs, if you are still concerned that your roof needs more help than a durable roof coating, I recommend reading the Key Roofing Danger Signals. See if your roof has some of the same danger signals as shown in the pictures. You’ll be able to discern whether your roof needs a simple coating or if you may need a roof replacement altogether.

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