How to get prepared when your roof is being replaced.

Kids, Pets, Snails, and things with Tails!

You’ll want to keep the family safe (yes, pets are family too!). They will want to get a close up look at the magic happening on the roof. Tearing, ripping, nailing, hammering, and laying down shingles can seem miraculous to kids. However, contractors work hard to create a safe environment for the family. Feel free to watch the magic roofing replacement take place from a reasonably safe distance from the home.

This being said, there’s always a possibility of unexpected hazards. I know it’s tempting to step in closer. Keep in mind this is to be treated as a work zone. You may want to visit family during these hours. If you decide to hangout inside the house, please be sure to take down loose wall decorations for extra precaution.

Cover Your A…ttic!

We all know some of our most precious treasures are in the attic. As roofers are working their magic of tearing, ripping, nailing, and hammering away, dust may fall from the ceiling onto your treasures. Use one of the following to cover your attic treasures:

  • Old Sheets
  • Tarp
  • Drop Cloths

Small debris and dust may need to be swept up after a new roof replacement.

Clean Up

Cleaning up the yard and roof will help. Mow the lawn before the contractors start working on the roof. Why? Any small debris could fall on the grass. If your grass is tall enough, that debris will be hidden and may cause an injury. To be safe, mow the lawn one day before the first scheduled day of work. That would be best.

What I mean by cleaning up the roof is to remove antennas or satellite dishes. If it’s a non-working unit, just let your contractors know. Here are 6 Tips to Help Homeowners Choose the Right Roofing Contractor that will also take care of disposing your non-working unit for you.

Other objects to think about would be any overwhelming trees. Trim any tree branches that hang low near your roof. This must be done before the contractors can start their work.

Identify Outlets

Some electrical equipment will be used. For example, a nail gun is a commonly used tool. Identify access to exterior outlets. If you don’t have any available exterior outlets, then outlets inside the garage will work fine.

If push comes to shove and those are all unavailable, an extension cord can be used to reach the outlets in your home. With extra cords lying around, be sure to make notes for your family to watch their step when walking around the house.

Communication is Key

I promise we are friendly! That’s a big reason why we do great business in Tampa. We don’t litter any junk on your property. No cigarettes, snack packs, or leftover material stacks. We care about your safety while we’re on the job. As we see you, we’ll let you know if we set an extra ladder out or needed to use another cord.

Please let us know if you have set an object out or if there will be a car in the driveway. Our trucks take the prime spot in the driveway. Sorry, Mom and Dad! This is for safety reasons. The contractors need to have quick access to their tools all day.

Prepare The Neighbors

No neighbor wants to be surprised by unexpected workers and construction. The roof replacement will take a few days maximum (weather permitting). You can get a Free Estimate here for further reassurance. Advise your neighbors on the projected start and end date so they can prepare to be busier those few days or turn their tv volume up louder than normal. Your neighbors will be forever grateful of you.

Safe and Replaced

Roofing is a must. If your roof is showing any of the Key Danger Signals, contact your trusted roofers. Altogether, the focus is on safety. Your roof will look beautiful. That’s guaranteed! But in the process of beautifying your roof, we want to put everybody’s safety first.

Small debris, dust, nails, hammering, tearing away old shingles, cords, ladders, all of which can become hazardous throughout the roofing process. To ensure everybody’s safety, we’ll keep in good communication and use all of these tips to prepare your home for roofing replacement.

Please call us with any further questions.

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