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You should expect to get about 15-25 years out of a shingle roof upon replacement. That’s if, and only if, you’re taking proper care of your roof throughout the years. Other roof types may vary in life expectancy. Check out the best roof types and their life expectancies.

The weather and environmental stress can be tough on a roof. Not only the roof itself, but also your gutters, chimney, trees, and sealant. When you cause damage to those, that can also lead to further roof damage. Let me share with you key tips to taking care of your asphalt shingles:

Algae and Moss

There are a couple solutions to cleaning algae and moss from your asphalt shingle roof. You could use a mild solution of chlorine bleach mixed with water or a mild detergent. However, this isn’t dried grease on a pan. Don’t scrub the shingles. Gently apply the solution with a sponge or light sprayer (CAUTION: Do NOT use power washers for this). The last step? Rinse thoroughly.

That’s it!


Keep an eye on your gutters. Especially when it feels like the weather has been nothing but a torrential downpour. Or if it’s been raining very consistently. Why? Because the rain can accumulate and easily make its way underneath your roofing structure. Asphalt roofs are meant to last about 20 years. That’s with good upkeep.

How to clean the gutters:

  • Step #1: Climb up a ladder and clean the goop out of the gutter. You’ll find leaves and debris.
  • Step #2: Check on the gutter spikes. Are the spikes securely fastened into the rafter behind the gutter? (If not, I highly suggest getting new spikes)
  • Step #3: You may use a pressure washer on the gutter. Be careful not to spray the gutter at too high of an angle. You could blow the shingles off with the right angle. Keep the pressure washer as level as you can when spraying the gutters.

Chimney Maintenance

Replace any cracked/missing mortar on your chimney. The reason why this is so important to the upkeep of your roof is because you don’t want any bricks from the chimney falling out and onto your roof. To prevent your chimney bricks from falling out and damaging your roof, replace the damaged mortar as soon as possible.

If you notice a brick has already damaged your roof, contact trusted contractors to inspect your roof for further damage, potential spots of water intrusion, and/or curling shingles.


Branches hanging near or above your roof need trimmed. We’ve seen situations where the branch near or above the roof breaks off during a harsh storm, landing on the roof. Most often, this will damage your roof.

Here’s another scenario: The leaves from this overhanging branch are falling on top of your roof. As the leaves lay on your roof, they collect and retain moisture which rots your shingles. The rotting will make your shingles much weaker. If not maintained, this could lead to much more severe damage to the entire roofing structure.

Be on the lookout for overhanging branches and a great amount of leaves on your roof!


Just like your chimney mortar, you want to also inspect your roof sealant. Any signs of cracking, chipping off, or environmental wear and tear, remove the old sealant. After removing the old sealant, apply new sealant in every area needed.

While inspecting your roof sealant, you may start to wonder if you’d rather get a different type of shingle. Read these 5 Things About Shingle Roofs to identify what you want to go with this time (especially #3, read that closely!).


These are the cornerstones to get optimal use out of your roof. Keep in mind, if you have more to your home, like a skylight, vent opening, and downspouts, then you’ll want to clean those as well. Anything connected to the roof or hanging above it should be taken into consideration when doing a routine check every now and then.

We want you to get the most out of your asphalt shingle roof. After the contractors are done properly replacing your new roof, you will also be given resources to help get the most out of your roof.

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