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Commercial Roof Coating FAQs

Why Get A Roof Coating? Roof Coatings extend the life of your roof up to 10-20 additional years. How? When you have your roof coated, the coating acts as a protective layer. Coating protects your roof from: Debris Leakage Sun/Heat Damage Water retention Small debris and dust may need to be swept up after a new [...]

2020 Roof Buying Guide For Tampa Florida Residents

George residence - Brandon, FL | Roof completed by Crown Roofing of Tampa There are many deciding factors when choosing the best roof for your Florida home. A good looking aesthetically pleasing roof is very important, but so are the cost of materials, the weight and the requirements for installation. Visit: Neighborhood roofing contractors Tampa, FL [...]

5 Things to Know About Shingle Roofs

Patterson residence - Brandon, FL | Roof completed by Crown Roofing of Tampa Shingle roofs are by far the most popular roofing style in the United States. Some estimates suggest that up to 80% of American homes are topped with shingle roofs. So what makes this roofing style so popular? Here’s a few facts that [...]

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